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Welcome to Dragonfyre Legends

Welcome to Dragonfyre Legends, the home of DnD live streaming and other goodies for fans of TTRPGs and Fantasy Roleplaying.

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Meet the Cast

Mark (Our Dungeon Master)

Hi guys, I’m Mark and I’ve played Dungeons & Dragons for 7 years and have been a Game Master here in Las Vegas for 5 years. I’ve run multiple online campaigns for players from across the country. I also starred in the actual-play podcast “Reckless Moves” as Twig, the lovable Halfling rogue.

I’m a Marketing Manager working in sunny Las Vegas, where I’ve lived since 2001. Dragonfyre Legends is a project that’s been bouncing around in the back of my mind since 2020, and I’m glad to finally see it brought to reality.

As a graphic designer, I go out of my way to create immersive and interactive battle maps using the Foundry virtual table top, Discord, and D&D Beyond.

You can find out more about me, and maybe even hire me to DM a game for you, at StartPlaying.

I’m playing every character and creature that isn’t a player,

Mike | Valgin

Mike is a multi-talented guy who runs a successful web design company, plays as a drummer in several local Las Vegas bands, and has been a dungeon master and DnD player since the Advanced DnD boxed set came out.

Mike is also the DM for the popular DnD podcast called “Reckless Moves” where, in season one, his cast included Mark (our DM). 

Mike is playing the character Valgin, a Fallen Aasimar Paladin.

Matt | Nerb Koshka

Matt, pictured here with his cat Nori, works in the tech industry and is based in Atlanta, Georgia. He’s been playing DnD for over four years and has even begun to Dungeon Master games himself.

Matt is playing the character Nerb Koshka, a Tabaxi Rogue Scout

Chris | Brother Malik Heathborne

Chris, pictured here with his beautiful wife Anna and their adorable daughter Vera, is a Navy veteran who works at Raytheon. He enjoys saltwater reefkeeping, being with his family, and working hard (but playing harder). He’s been playing DND for 4 and a half years.

Chris is playing the character Malik, a Shadar-Kai cleric who just wants to party his soul away.

Teo | Thralk

Teo works as an Inventory manager and is a studying to become a Medical Imaging technician. He plays guitar and loves Star Wars.

He’s been playing DnD since 2018 and has no plans to quit anytime soon. He has also DMed for several groups, including children and the visually-impaired.

Teo is playing the character Thralk, a Variant-Human Zealot Barbarian

Keegan | Tavi Thistlebrush

Keegan, a naturally gifted roleplayer and IRL Technomancer, is an Audio-Visual Engineer living in Atlanta. He’s been playing D&D 5e since 2020 and just became a daddy to a beautiful baby boy named Robin, with some help from his lovely wife Jessie.

Keegan is playing Tavi Thistlebrush, a Harengon Chronurgy Wizard

Sean | Charlie Crews

Sean is a mathematician / scientist in the Las Vegas area. When he’s not working, he can likely be found riding bikes, or teaching his small dog Mitski circus tricks.

Sean is playing the character Charlie Crews, a Half Elf Monk/Druid


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